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MFSD Welcomes Yana Zhou as URS Case Manager and Federica Simonelli as Deputy

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Milano, Italy – 28 June 2024 – MFSD, a trailblazer in the Online Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement sector, is delighted to introduce Yana Zhou (photo below) and Federica Simonelli as their newest Uniform Rapid Suspension System (URS) Case Manager and her Deputy.

With a strong background in the domain name dispute resolution field as a former WIPO Case Manager and as an IP Solicitor in Australia, England and Wales, and Ireland, Yana Zhou is set to bring her multi-cultural experience to MFSD.

Thanks to solid academic training and experience as a research fellow and lecturer at the University of Trento, Federica Simonelli will enrich the user experience with safety and smoothness.

Yana Zhou: "I'm excited to be part of MFSD and contribute to the growth of the online ADR industry. I believe that together, we can increase the right to access to justice for Internet users and stakeholders."

Federica Simonelli (photo below): "Joining MFSD is a significant step in my professional journey. I am eager to accept this new challenge and leverage my academic and practical experiences to enhance our dispute resolution processes and ensure a seamless experience for our users."

Stefano Monguzzi, co-Founder and Partner, shared his excitement: "On the cusp of the 10th anniversary of URS ICANN approval, the entries of Yana Zhou and Federica Simonelli demonstrate our commitment to human resource growth and innovation."

Pierfrancesco C. Fasano, co-Founder and Partner, stated his satisfaction: "Yana and Federica will play a pivotal role in URS case management and strengthen stakeholder engagement, ensuring a stable, secure, and unified global Internet dispute resolution. Their multicultural approach and dedication make them invaluable additions to MFSD."

The addition of Yana Zhou and Federica Simonelli underscores MFSD's ongoing commitment to Online Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement sector advancement and reinforces its position as a leader in Intellectual Property and Business dispute resolution.

About MFSD:

MFSD is a long-established Online Out-of-Court Dispute Settlement Body and Academy, known for its pioneering role in Italy and Europe in the Intellectual Property dispute resolution realm. The company's mission is to increase and make effective and sustainable the right to access to justice outside the Court.

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