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URS cases are managed entirely via our dedicated online case management system (CMS)..


Before filing a complaint or response to claim a domain name suspension in an URS dispute, please:

  • ensure if the scope of such procedure is relevant for your domain

  • assure that your interest is to shut down the infringing website

  • check your trademark portfolio

  • assure that your trademark is not a dictionary or generic term

  • prepare all documentary evidence and a brief explanatory statement

  • draft and submit your complaint in English

  • verify that there is no other proceeding pending related to the domain name

  • verify the precedents (URS decisions rendered is similar cases)

  • after submission check regularly the status of the dispute

  • choose an ICANN approved dispute resolution provider.

  • login and file the complaint or response

  • pay fees and submit 

More info here.


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