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8 Dicembre 2021

Since inception (2001) MFSD is projecting and organizing (continued learning educational - CLE - programs) conferences, workshops, seminars and events on Intellectual Property (IP) alternative dispute resolution (ADR) area, targeting businesses and professionals, join with chambers of commerce, Bar associations, domestic and international IP companies and international agencies operating in the field of IP ADR. 

By Order of the Chief of Italian Department of Justice Affairs on July 23th 2013 MFSD was registered (no. 392) in the roster of qualified training enties to carry out the training and qualfication of civil and commercial disputes mediators, held at the General Directorate of Civil Justice pursuant to Italian Ministerial Decree n° 180/2010.

And we're projecting and planning the traning annual syllabus, which will be divided into 2 parts: domestic and international.

In addition to our public seminars, MFSD designs in-house programs, customized to meet the specific needs of our clients and works closely with the latter to customize and update training programs for IP professionals and departments holding IPrs portfolios, in order to achieve specific learning objectives. The workshops can be conducted at the customer site, at our offices or at locations identified by mutual agreement. Internal training of employees may be co-financed in significant part by the Italian Training Funds active in the field (eg. Fondoprofessioni and Fondimpresa), provided that the Italian company is registered with them (registration is free) and have the dimensions required by internal rules and regulations, and to the extent available each year allocated.

MFSD can also provide traning and refresher courses for trainers, if candidates meet the minimum training requirements established by law and those established by additional MFSD. This training will help develop the recipients skills to conduct in-house seminars on ADR, negotiation, mediation and effective conflict management in general. 

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