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22 Agosto 2018
Mediation and Arbitration on IP disputes since 2001

Resolving IP disputes out-of-courts. Costs control, professional and fast. One single mission.

Since 2001 Domains Disputes Resolution Centre accredited by .it Registry. 

Since 2012 IP Mediation Centre authorized by Italian Minister of Justice.

Since 2013 Mediation Training Centre authorized by Italian Minister of Justice.

Since 2015 Uniform Rapid Suspension system (URS) Dispute Resolution Provider approved by ICANN.

MFSD is Euro Net Mediation member, european Mediation Centres network, awarded by European Commission with Specific Program 'Civil Justice' (2007-2013)

First and unique devoted Italian IP disputes resolution Centre.

Highlights IP video-news: Aug 2013 - Aug 2014

Right. Video message by Vĕra JOUROVÁ (EU Commissioner fo Justice) for EUROCHAMBRES 'Mediation for growth' conference which took place on 10 December 2014 in Brussels.

Left. The European Parliament Study on Mediation time and cost Savings and effective Mediation policy (ADR Center TV).

Left below. The Trademark Clearinghouse is a central repository of validated trademarks for the purpose of protecting brands in ICANN's new gTLD program. Any Trademark Holder can submit a trademark record to the Clearinghouse. Discover what the Clearinghouse can offer to protect your brand in the new gTLD era. (ICANN)

Right below. The majority of EU member states have signed the final agreement (see below) required to create a new EU patent system. This represents the most dramatic change in the European patent landscape for 40 years. Businesses need be considering how they might benefit from these fundamental changes, and how to address new risks that the new regime may bring. (Field Fisher Waterhouse)

Highlighted documents:

  • Study for EU Parliament 'Rebooting the Mediation Directive: assessing the limited impact of its implementation and proposing measures to increase the number of mediations in the EU' (JAMS International - ADR Center - Jan 2014)
  • Agreement on Unified Patent Court (UPC)
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Agreement on unified patent court
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The armory of domain disputes
The article: Domain names: wet gunpowder of the domain disputes ? Published in the Journal of the Italian IP Attorneys’ Association by Alessio Canova in October 2017 ( provides the opportunity to clarify whether and in which measure the case law in domain disputes has been enhanced and the role, powers and duties of a Dispute Resolution Provider (DRP).


MFSD at 3rd Fashioning the Law Conference in Athens
Milan, October 11th, 2017. In the twenty-first century, fashion has achieved the status of a truly global industry and has undoubtedly become a cultural force. Despite the economic and cultural importance of the fashion sector, the business and legal consulting profession was initially slow to develop specific tools and treatises to serve its fashion clientele. Today, however, with the arrival and rapid growth of the emerging discipline of Fashion Law and Business, which has emerged as a more respected and relevant field of consulting, such gap is now being filled.

The purpose of the 'Fashioning the Law - Design - Protect - Trade - Mediate' Conference, which will be held in Athens on October 14th, 2017, is to address the unique challenges introduced by the Fashion Industry to the consulting world and to examine the applicable regulatory and business framework, adopting both a legal and an industry-orientated approach. 

The Conference is structured to attract companies and individuals involved in the fashion and luxury business, including (but not limited) to designers, brand and marketing managers, privacy compliance officers, fashion and luxury bloggers, distributors, start-uppers and lawyers. 

Ιt incorporates relevant concepts from Intellectual Property, E-Commerce, Brand Management, Privacy and Data Protection, Business Strategy, Product Development, Project Finance, Media and Advertising, Digital Marketing, Commercial Sales, Real Estate, Employment, Buying and Merchandising, International Trade and Customs.

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